Fantasy Buildings/Icons

Fantasy Buildings/Icons

Fantasy Buildings/Icons. (Click to enlarge this image.)

Whether you’re creating an elegant city of elves, a domain of dwarves, an outpost of orcs, a town of buildings in trees, a cluster of hobbit holes, or something really different (wizard towers, magical academies, hedge mazes, etc.) this art collection has you covered!

Want to flesh out a fantasy city for your game?  Include this set of nearly 200 city map images including 150 building icons/symbols in your image library!  Art by the amazing artist/cartographer Keith Curtis.

You may publish maps using these icons–see the license below. Full list of buildings is also noted below.

Each image is a transparent PNG so it can be imported into many image and map editors, including Cityographer. Smaller buildings (houses, small shops) are generally around 200x200pixels.  Other buildings are larger.

To use them in Cityographer:

Unzip the file anywhere you’d like on your computer.  (Perhaps create a cityographer folder.)  Then when starting a new map, change the “use default map items” drop-down to “override map items” and use the adjacent file chooser to browse to the “” file in the unzipped folder. You can also change the “use default data” option to “override default data” and then use select any of the files to make it easier to create a town or city of the given type.

Full Size Samples

Dwarven Forge:

Dwarven Forge

Elven Palace:

Elven Palace

Halfling Tavern:

Halfling Tavern

Orc Chieftain Hut:

Chieftain Hut

Treehouse Library:

Treehouse Library



Unusual Castle:

Unusual Castle

List of Graphics

Dwarves: Forge x4, Fort x2, House x6, Inn x2, Meeting hall x2, Shrine x3, Tavern x3, Tombs x3

Elves: Hosue x8, Inn x2, Library x2, Mansion x2, Palace x2, Shops x4, Jewelers x2, Pursemakers x2, Shoemakers x2, Tailors x2, Shrines x2, Taverns x4, Theaters x2, Town halls x2

Halflings: Houses (on sides of hills) x4, Round wooden houses x4, Inn, Shops x2, Taverns x2, Town Hall

Orcs: Barracks x3, Birthing Pits x3, Chieftain Huts x2, Guard Towers x3, Huts x3, Officers Hut, Storage x2

Tree houses: Houses x8, Inns x2, Libraries x2, Mansions x2, Shops x6, Shrines x2, Taverns x2, Theaters x2, Town Halls x2

Other/Magical: Academies x2, Dark Towers x2, Dragon Building, Fairy Rings x2, Gambling Ship, Hedge mazes x16, Labs x2, Magical Shrines x8, Stone Circle, Tower Evil x3, Tower Good x2, Tower Neutral x2, Unusual Castle x5


  • The licensee may not use the art in another stock art/clip art product.
  • The licensee may modify the images.
  • The art can appear in advertisements for products which use the image.
  • If distributing a product with the art, the artist and product must be credited in your product as follows: ‘Some map icons from “Cityographer Modern Map Icons” by artist Keith Curtis.’
  • Contact with questions.