The free & pro version is the same download… the license key code activates the additional pro features.

You can get the program in any of several different ways.  The software is written in Java, so in each case a java .jar file is used/wrapped:

Building Floorplans

A new feature adds building interior maps to some buildings.  Download the file and unzip it somewhere on your computer.

To use it, start a new map in Cityographer.  Where you override the various defaults (line styles, map items, etc) there is a new drop-down for interior maps.  Change the drop down to say “Use Folder for Interior Maps” and then use the adjacent button to browse for the folder where you unzipped the maps.

Now when you Add/View/Edit a Note for a building, if the building had maps available (say a tavern, inn, blacksmith, some houses and several others) you’ll see a floorplan map in the note.  You can change it (select any file on your computer) using the “edit” button in tat section.  You can open it up in your computer’s default image viewer by clicking “open”.  The maps are large, battlemat format: 1″ squares represent 5′ and are 300 pixels.

Feel free to add your own maps to the folder you unzipped.  Simply grab any .png, .jpg, or .gif and give it a name that starts with the building’s key value in all lower case.  For example, the armorer is simply armorer and the spice merchant is spice-merchant.  Go to the Configure menu and select “Map Items” to see all the map items in the system and their keys.