Features List

Free version features:

  • Generate a medieval/fantasy city map in minutes.
  • Along with a map, generate details for each: building resident, staff worker, store price list, inn & tavern names.
  • Create the map in multiple ways: let the program do it all in one step; let the program do it step by step (allowing you to change more settings at each step as well as change the map between steps); make the map completely by hand.
  • The map is fully editable.  Don’t like a specific road? Remove or move it.  Need more buildings?  Add them.  Too many buildings?  Remove or move some.
  • Click a building on the map (when the “view/add/edit map” button is selected) to see the buildings details.  (Residents, inventory, etc.)

Pro version features:

  • All of the above, of course.
  • Import your own buildings or import our icon packs.  (Any .png, .gif & .jpg may be imported.)
  • Change the data setup files to allow for other genres or adjust our default medieval fantasy setup files.
  • Regenerate the details of a specific building.  (Residents, inventory, etc.)




Known Issues:

  • Setting up a harbor: picking values that wrap around 0-degrees (3:00) does not give an eastern/right coast like it should.